Post apocalyptic mobile game

The world we knew doesn't exist anymore. It has been completely destroyed in the global conflict called Nuclear War. It brought radioactive fallout, hunger and mutation. Most of the people died in the first days of the war, but some of them survived by moving to the underground Vaults. Are you one of them?


Fight with other real survivors to gather limited resources and together with your Guild enslave the only world which you know.

Survive the Wastelands

Join the caravan to the New World, build safe Shelter on the Wastelands and survive apocalypse.

Explore Wastelands

Gather limited resources & beat the mutated creatures to survive.

Online Multiplayer

Fight with other survivors to get stronger and steal from them precious resources.

Free to Play

No payments required. Everything is available for free for everyone.

Post apocalyptic

Brutal and unique world with hundreds of different creatures & thousands of weapons and armors.